Sponsor the RMFR Isolation Room

by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

When our cats and kittens get sick and need extra care they stay in our ISO ward (Isolation Ward). By sponsoring the ISO room you can help pay for the costs of medication needed to help bring these felines back to health.

The isolation room at RMFR provides a space for cats and kittens with temporary illness who need a break from the fast pace of shelter life.  This room provides a quiet, less hectic space for our residents to recuperate and relax.

It is not uncommon for a shelter cat to develop an upper respiratory infection or urinary tract infection in response to the stress they are experiencing in a new environment with a lot of new people and cats to adjust to.  This room allows us to separate those cats while we treat them to prevent the spread of viruses, and to allow their parasympathetic systems a chance to relax to improve their well-being.  

In addition, our isolation room is a safe haven for cats and kittens with ringworm.  We are one of the few shelters who will accept and treat cats and kittens with ringworm, a completely treatable fungal infection similar to athlete's foot.  

Your donation supports the high level of medical and overall care that RMFR stands behind.

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