2020 Sacred Cycle Virtual Heal Campaign

by Sacred Cycle

Our Purpose: Healing takes place in many forms, but with one purpose in mind: to better our future community. Our participants, Colorado female adult survivors of sexual abuse or assault, receive a combination of traditional therapy, cycling gear and guidance, and community support to create the sacred cycle of recovery, personal development, and community impact.

We are here to support each other together: one survivor, one community, and one goal at a time. Your involvement with Sacred Cycle positively impacts the survivors of sexual trauma by funding our 5-month Frame program, individual therapy for survivors, and bike equipment. 

Our Goal: During this 30-day campaign (ending Oct 12th), to raise $30,000 to empower survivors of sexual trauma to achieve their goals through therapy, cycling, and community.  Why $30,000? Based on our 2021 programming goals, that is the cost of delivering a five-month program to 15 women - that’s 5 women in each of three Colorado regions - Roaring Fork Valley, Eagle County, and Denver County. 

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