Saigon Summer Ball 2019 - Autism activities

by Saigon Children's Charity CIO

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that can include difficulties with social interaction and communication and limited or repetitive patterns of thoughts and behaviours.

Based on the results from our work, WE believe that by providing autistic children appropriate early intervention, as early as possible, they can develop their full potential and live meaningfully and happily.

We provide high quality training to teachers, practitioners, caregivers and parents of autistic children to help them understand what difficulties each child has; what strategic intervention each child should get; how to measure their improvements; and when they can join inclusive education.

Right now, we see poor parents travelling hundreds of miles just to get advice from our experts. 

We at saigonchildren have all the passion, energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to do what is needed. But we cannot expand our autism education work across Vietnam without your support. We will use your pledges to build partnerships, buy resources, train staff, build capacity, and ultimately bring autism education to all who need it.

Thank you!

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