Five Ways to Make an Impact

by St. James Food Pantry

The St. James Food Pantry fundraiser, "Jazzin' to Feed," will take place on Saturday, May 30, 2020. We need your help to raise much needed funds for the food pantry. Your support will make it possible for the pantry to continue providing food to the less fortunate. Below are five ways to make an impact. Please share this page with your family and friends. :

1. Give Breakfast: Fuel to start the Day.

2. Offer Lunch: Sandwiches to sustain people experiencing homelessness. 

3. Give a child food to grow: Milk, eggs and cheese. Building stronger bodies. 

4. Empower Pantry Clients: Allow pantry clients to make life sustaining changes through nutrition education.

5. Care for the Elderly and Disbabled: Bring hope and love to the doors of seniors and people with disabilies.

Your involvement is critical to our effort in supporting the less fortunate in our community. Thank you again for your help.

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