Giving Sat Nam: Crowdsourcing Miracles

by Sat Nam Foundation

We are a community of yogis and seekers who want to help each other.

By giving to this fund, you allow us to fulfill the needs of members of our community who ask for financial assistance during the Covid-19 economic crisis.

We will fund asks for groceries, household necessities, medical bills, utility bills or temporary housing. Requests that do not meet our criteria will not be funded.

If someone asks, we will do our best to microfinance a grant that will cover a portion their emergency.

If you are in need, please join our Facebook group "Giving Sat Nam" and ask publicly, or you can privately make a request for support on our Google form here.

This is a 100% giving program.  All funds that are raised here will be distributed to people in need. 


No charitable funds will be dispersed to any employee, contractor, or officer of Sat Nam Foundation or their families. All requests may not be funded.

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