Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Nambale

by Sat Nam Foundation

About this campaign

You can be the change.

You can provide.

You can be hope.

Every 14 seconds, a child is orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Approximately half of the orphans in Kenya (1,149,000 children) are orphans as a result of the AIDS pandemic. 

Nambale Magnet School is ENDING this cycle by nurturing and guiding children through a loving and practical education.

You can support a healthy and sustainable future for hundreds of these children.

Nambale Magnet School is a residential school for children orphaned by AIDS in rural western Kenya.

430 children learn and grow at the school, and over 250 live on-site.

The school focuses on empowering children through a sustainable living model. They grow food on the premises for and with the children. They dream to be a model eco-school with sustainable, off-grid systems that support both their own safety, security and self-sufficiency as well as the health of the planet. The model of the school is meant to be replicated in other parts of Africa.

You are invited to be an implement for this dream.

Nambale's Current Need

The school's most pressing need is a self-sufficient electricity system. On average, the school needs between $400 & $500 per month to pay electricity bills. This is an unsustainable cost for the school. The service is also unreliable, and black-outs can last for days, causing major issues.

It takes $33,000 for us to say yes to the needs of the Nambale Magnet School. We will hire a local company to provide and install to install a solar and lighting system. Any extra funds raised will be used to provide energy-efficient upgrades.

Click here to read more details about the project.

Sat Nam Foundation has worked with conscious musicians who share our belief in service to create Kirtan Aid albums for many years. These musicians offer the generous donation of their music to help us fund intentional projects for communities in need across the globe. This new album, Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Nambale, is a profoundly beautiful collection of music to help us support the Nambale Magnet School.

Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Nambale

  1. Aykanna - Ancestors
  2. Shimshai - Mother of My Soul
  3. Ari M Wolfe - As I Relax
  4. Sukha - Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
  5. Anne Novak - Long Sat Nam
  6. The Giving Soul (feat. Illa Noize) - Ong Namo
  7. Hansu Jot - Aadays Tisay Aadays
  8. Wah! - Gananatha
  9. Dev Suroop Kaur - Ang Sang Wahe Guru
  10. Ananda Yogiji feat. Jaya Lakshmi - Breathe (Prana Apana)
  11. Sirgun Kaur - Har Piaarai Jio
  12. Mataji Sisters - Ajai Alai
  13. Snatam Kaur - Amul (Priceless)
  14. Ajeet Kaur - Gobinda Hari
  15. Jai-Jagdeesh - Raj Jog
  16. Krishna Kaur - Rakhe Rakhan Har
  17. Nirinjan Kaur - Treasure of Bliss
  18. Dr. Ramdesh - Guided Meditation for Opening to Love
  19. GuruGanesha Band - People of Love
  20. Sat Avtar - Ardas Bhaee
  21. Radharani - Time to Wake Up

Gratitude to all the musicians who donated a track to this amazing album!!!

Support this powerful and impactful project by giving towards the fundraising effort, or by joining the Seva Retreat in September with Anne Novak, where volunteers will be able to serve for and with the children and see the impact of the support from the global community.

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After donating, please allow up to 48 hours to receive your gift of gratitude of the digital Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Nambale album. 

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