Clean Water Saves Lives: Ramana's Garden

by Sat Nam Foundation

Sat Nam Foundation’s 2018 focus is to empower, educate, and provide communities in need of clean water with autonomous, sustainable and eco-friendly methods of harvesting, storing and filtering water. We have installed rainwater harvesting systems in communities in Puerto Rico and Mexico, and we are looking forward to expanding into India.

Clean water is difficult to access in India. Ramana’s Garden, a home and school for destitute children in Rishikesh, India, only has access to filthy water. Although Ramana’s Garden filters the water they receive to the best of their ability, their current system is inefficient and ineffective. They are forced to replace costly filters every few weeks. 

Ramana's Garden harvest rainwater during the two months of Indian monsoons. Their storage system is small and they are currently having problems with their system, leaving the water full of bacteria. This fundraising collaboration between Sat Nam Foundation and Ramana’s Garden will help us create an autonomous, sustainable system for the children to have permanent access clean water.

This project cannot happen without your support. We are asking for everyone inspired by this initiative to help us raise a portion of our $15,000 goal. 

100% of your donations will still go to funding this urgent project to bring clean water into the lives of these children who need your support.

Please help us water their garden and shine a brighter light onto the future of underprivileged children in the birthplace of yoga.

Namaste. Sat Nam.

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