Yoga Classes by Donation

by Sat Nam Foundation

Wherever we are in the world, in whatever city or small town or back country road, we are missing our communities and our normalcy. Our libraries, our coffee shops, our theaters, and our galleries. Our schools, our parks, our rehearsals, and our dances. And for many...our yoga studio and our teachers!

Whatever drove us to support local business prior to the global pandemic - those reasons may have shifted or even strengthened. Our small community here in Bethlehem, New Hampshire is demonstrating a generous outpouring of support to our local businesses. 

Balance Bethlehem is a breathtaking yoga studio off the Main Street of a quaint New England town and nestled against a woodland grove of birch and pine. This studio has been the sacred space for practicing yoga, meditation, and Qigong for many locals and members of the surrounding communities for 6 years. It is also a safe haven of healing for many people that visit our wise women healers for acupuncture, massage, or Taoist medicine. 

Right now, we are experiencing a strange and uncertain shift away from our ‘normal.’ This is affecting all businesses and services and livelihoods, including our ability as a yoga studio and healing center to cover basic costs (taxes, insurance, electricity, etc.) and be ready to open our doors for in-person classes when the time comes. 

At the same time, we (the teachers) wish to offer continuity in our community practices but also reach beyond the normal audience and open classes to anyone (anywhere!) that would like to join us. Yoga classes are now available live on Zoom. The energy exchange for participating in class is self-guided. No monetary payment is required but donations will help to keep our non-profit yoga studio alive and healthy. Should you feel called to make a donation to Balance Bethlehem, and doing so would in no way compromise your security, we would be forever grateful. 

Yoga, meditation, and any loving practice or art that brings you stillness, steadiness, peace, and elevation should be engaged right now. Pay it forward with love, patience, kindness, and grace in your daily activities and relations.

Balance Bethlehem was donated to Sat Nam Foundation in order to support the global humanitarian work that our organization does to create a brighter future for those in great need. We need your help in order for this studio to remain supportive to the service work of Sat Nam Foundation. Help us keep the funds flowing towards those in need. Be the lighthouse!

We appreciate your support always, but especially at this time.

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