Survivors Emergency Fund

by The Second Step

Due to COVID-19, survivors of domestic violence, and those at risk for domestic violence, are facing even greater challenges than ever before. They are now experiencing not only increased risk of abuse, due to mounting stress in all families, but also increased isolation and difficulty escaping from danger. Many are also experiencing loss of wages and the inability to meet their family's basic needs. 

The Second Step remains a lifeline for survivors. As the situation evolves, we have been adapting our services and working with survivors to identify critical needs, connect families with resources, and provide support.  

To help us respond to the increased needs of the individuals and families we serve, we have established the Survivors Emergency Fund. With the support of our community, we will continue to provide life-saving services to survivors who need us now more than ever.

We recognize these are difficult times for many. If you are in a position to give, please consider making a donation to bring hope and safety to survivors when they need us most. 

Please share our message with your friends and colleagues to help reinforce our efforts. Your sharing can help save a life!

We greatly appreciate your help each and every day, and we thank you for standing with us during this challenging time.

Our Mission

The Second Step is a community of survivors, advocates, and volunteers who foster the safety, stability and well-being of those who have experienced domestic violence.

We provide comprehensive services, including safety planning, legal advocacy, counseling, peer support, transitional housing, and other essential services to adults, youth and children in Greater Boston and MetroWest.


Make A Donation

This campaign has ended.

Thank you for your support.

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