Herbal First Aid Kits

by SeekHealing

An on-going project for us has been creating and distributing herbal and therapeutic items to those suffering from intentional or involuntary detox/withdrawals or those suffering from extreme anxiety due to social isolation. These 'Herbal First Aid Kits' contain items such as ginger or chamomile teas, Epsom salt, anti-diarrhea medication, electrolyte replenishing beverages, essential oils, and other stress easing supplements to soften the imbalances created by these stressors. These kits are also a way to share connection and empathy to those who need this kind of support during these trying times.....

During 2020 SeekHealing (assisted by local community partners such as WNCAP, Homeward Bound, 12 Baskets and others) distributed over 300 Herbal First Aid Kits to members within our collective communities. Our aim with this campaign is to repeat or exceed this number for this year and we need your support to do this.

We invite those considering a donation today to magnify that impact and outreach by clicking 'I Want To Help Fundraise For This' or using the social media sharing buttons on the right side of this page. As a fledgling non-profit, community empowerment is key to our success.

If you need assistance with processing your payment (such as contributing with a different service like PayPal or via check) or want to donate items needed for this project, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator at Joey@SeekHealing.org

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