We Are The Medicine - An Online Festival for Real Human Connection

by SeekHealing

We hope you've been enjoying the We Are The Medicine Festival!

This festival benefits SeekHealing, a non-profit based in Asheville, North Carolina, that is a clinically-supported program for treating the overdose and loneliness epidemics by addressing the root causes, not the symptoms. By creating spaces of authentic human connection that are free-of-charge, devoid of judgment and shame, and available at all stages in the process of addiction or recovery, SeekHealing's program results in people who actively heal and experience a stronger sense of purpose and belonging through human connection.

Traditional recovery programs estimate that less than 10% of their participants continue to follow their intentions for recovery after the first year, whereas a year-long study of SeekHealing's Extra Care Program showed 85% of its participants who enrolled during the year were still following their intentions. More importantly, 100% of participants remained engaged in the program.

Funds raised during the festival go directly to this Extra Care Program, to prevent drug overdoses and to create a more connected world. We are the medicine we need to heal from trauma, to change a substance abuse pattern, and to live a more connected life.

Read about SeekHealing in Quartz: "A radical approach to confronting addiction puts human connection first"

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