Korean War Memorial at Siouxland Freedom Park

by Siouxland Freedom Park

Anyone is welcome at Siouxland Freedom Park, free of charge.

Right now the park is home to the ONLY permanent half-scale black granite replica of the Vietnam Veteran's War Memorial, found in Washington, D.C.

Siouxland Freedom Park is the backdrop for special events and observances featuring veterans.

In the future, Siouxland Freedom Park's Interpretive Center will feature displays and state-of-the-art electronic exhibits showcasing veterans and the sacrifices so many have made.

A Korean War Veterans Memorial is also in the works.  

We are actively fundraising in 2021 to bring our new ideas to life.

If you’d like to give in honor of a veteran, click here: https://siouxlandfreedompark.org/they-gave-will-you/ to find out how!

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