by Situation Project

Situation Project provides arts-deprived public middle school students access to world-class New York City arts and culture experiences because we believe in the power these experiences have to transform and shape young people.

#StarsOfTomorrow is our commitment to go beyond just exposure and to help shape future leaders by fully immersing our students in the arts and culture community. While you can tell young adults about all the jobs in the arts, we know that there is no better way for them to begin to grasp what it means than to step in the shoes of an individual doing that role in their real-life work environment. Through hands-on experiences, we will give them an in-depth look at what it is like to work in the industry. We want our students to see for themselves what it means to be a professional in the arts and to shine a light on the star within them.

We need your support. Help us create these hands-on experiences for students. Your support will give more students the opportunity to learn about careers in the arts, develop critical thinking skills, and gain confidence in their own potential. Please help #StarsOfTomorrow by making a donation or fundraising to engage more hands on experiences to grow our future leaders.

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