St. Michael's Holy Jumpers

by St. Michael Catholic Church

This campaign is for anyone wanting to Skydive on July 10, 2021, with Father Ben. 

25 is the maximum number of jumpers. 

We are asking all Sky Divers to raise $4,000 or 3.75 a foot you will be diving!. 25 x $4,000 = $100,000!  The price to jump will be taken out of the money each diver raises.

Divers will have 2 hours of instructions before the jump and must wear rubber sole shoes. 

You must be 18 yrs of age or older to jump and the weight limit is 225 lbs.

Jumpsuits will be provided. If you wear glasses you will be supplied goggles to go over the glasses as well.

We will be caravaning from St Michael. The exact time will be released later.

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