Stafford SPCA 10 Year Anniversary

by Stafford SPCA Inc.

We are spending this whole year celebrating our ten years of helping animals! Celebrate with us!

On May 29, 2009, we at the Stafford SPCA opened our hearts to begin our journey of advocating for animals in need.
Looking back over the past ten years, it's incredible how much we've grown and changed! We've gone from a small rescue based in a handful of foster homes to a dynamic organization housing an average of 40 animals at our brick and mortar shelter, winning "Best of the Burg" in 2019 for best nonprofit organization in the area!

At the very beginning, we started off in foster homes, before we even moved into our shelter location. When we moved into our building, we began the process of transforming an old nursing home building into a comfortable, home-like animal shelter.
This is when we began to develop our "no cage" cat rooms.  Then we began the next part of our journey; building and securing our dog rooms, focusing on home-like comfort for our residents.

Fast forward 10 years later and we have done some amazing things!

We have adopted out 377 dogs and 347 cats over the past ten years into forever homes.
We've had 3 cat litters born in the shelter, totaling 13 kittens; and 6 litters of puppies, totaling 47 puppies.
On top of our cats and dogs, we have even helped 14 exotic animals find forever homes, including two sugar gliders!
All of these animals would have had very different stories without our help, and we're honored to have helped so many find their forever families with happy endings!

In line with generous donations; we wouldn't be where we are today without our volunteers over the years. We have had a total of 875 active volunteers over the past 10 years, totaling more than 28,000 volunteer hours... and counting! 

Alongside our staff and volunteers, we have brought in animals from 13 other shelters around the east coast, truly extending our reach and helping animals from all over!

In order to continue advocating and growing our shelter, we need your help!
We are asking you to celebrate with us by making a donation, of any amount, to keep us improving for the next 10 years... and beyond! 

We pride ourselves in being a no kill, no cage shelter.
We pride ourselves on serving our community.

Help us continue our lifesaving work with a donation today!

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