StartingBloc 2020 Impact

by StartingBloc

Change doesn't happen in a vacuum. Someone can be the best innovator, the most mission-driven, the biggest thinker. This person can see a solution to one of the world's problems so clearly. Yet, without support and without community, that vision can only go so far, or worse, nowhere at all.

We live in an interconnected world, and we need new networks and new skills to advance our ideas and create the change we imagine. This is the StartingBloc Institute + Fellowship experience.

Over the last 16 years, we have helped forward thinkers feel less alone, more confident, and more supported to realize their vision and make the change they are capable of. As an organization that supports and provides a container for community, StartingBloc has facilitated employment opportunities for thousands of our Fellows, been instrumental in the founding of over 100 social impact organizations across the world, and led to significant shifts in demonstrated leadership and organizational policies across a wide swath of sectors and industries. 

In 2020, we seek to deepen and continue our impact. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we rely upon the contributions of people like you in order to achieve our mission. People like you, who believe in the power of investments in leadership. People like you, who understand that community is essential to accountability and achieved outcomes. People like you, who know that the world of work is shifting, and the leaders of the future need a strong basis of social and emotional skills in order to lead effectively. 

We'll use your donations to fund our core Institute programs, enable access into the Fellowship for those in need, support our existing communities continual growth and ability to connect, and tell the stories of our Fellows. 

Thank you for your contribution and thank you for investing in this community. 

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