Be one of the Cool Kids!

by Stomping Ground Comedy Theater and Training Center

We’re looking for the coolest kid around. Are you the coolest kid? Do you know someone who is? You don’t even have to be a kid. In fact, maybe it’s better that you’re not, just in case you grow up to be a lot less cool than you are now, like you’re a Culkin or something.

What does the winner get? We’ll dedicate our new AC to them – cool plaque and all.

Also, we need a new AC unit. So donations made here will go to our AC fund.

How do you win? Post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a reason why you think you or someone you know is the coolest person, tag it with #oneofthecoolkids, and link to this page.

We’re also giving away gifts for donating:

  • $100 – The Gentle Wind. You get two free tickets to the show of your choice.
  • $250 – Big Fan. Get two reserved seats and control of the thermostat (with management supervision) for the show of your choice. 
  • $1,000+ – Too Cool for School. These ginormous donations get a free workshop or 25% off tuition for a class. 

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