Agricultural Workers' Health Care

by Sun River Health

Seasonal and migrant farm workers are often at risk for not receiving quality primary and preventative care. In 2012, only 14% of seasonal and migrant farm workers received health insurance through their employers, leaving thousands uninsured and untreated for basic health needs. Healthy farm workers means better food production, increased economic security, social equity, and a healthier New York. Consider making a donation to help support New York farm workers by giving to the Sun River Health Foundation's Agricultural Workers' Health Care Fund. 

In both the Hudson Valley and Long Island, Sun River Health serves over 9,000 agricultural workers and their family members. Unfortunately, this population suffers from high rates of poor nutrition, asthma, and musculoskeletal conditions due to lack of access to primary and preventive care.

Through donations to our Agricultural Worker Health Care Fund, Sun River Health has purchased a Mobile Health Unit that brings much needed health care services directly to agricultural workers at farms, vineyards, community agencies, and churches across Suffolk County.

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