Transforming One Village At a Time

by TechLit Africa

The campus will have four floors each floor dedicated to empowering different segments of the population.

👶 When it comes to kids, we are providing them a digital first curriculum that prepares them for the modern tools in their not so distant future.

👩‍💻 for high school students, we provide digital training like social media marketing, websites building and so enough for them to get jobs on these freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. It is inspiring to see people from other developing nations on these platforms and I believe with just the right training, we can get someone from never touching a computer to making $8 an hour on these platforms in no time.

For the older folks, we plan provide adult literacy classes and vocational training like braiding hair and tailoring. With these skills they can start their own business or be employed locally.

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