Support Undocumented Families and Individuals During the Pandemic

by Techqueria

Campaign Ended

Thanks to all the donors that gave to this campaign! 

We exceeded our goals and raised $51,429 which was distributed to 123 families in need with $200 to $400 granted on average to each family. 

View our impact report.

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Update - April 17

We are closing the campaign after meeting the final $50K goal. 

We are now working on disbursing funds to selected applicants in a legal and financially compliant way.

Update - April 14

We have finished scoring all applications.

The next step is vetting and distributing funds.

Our fund was featured in

Update - April 12

We reached $40K! 

We have also finalized our guidelines for selecting and scoring applications based on need.

Update - April 6

We surpassed $35K! 

Our new goal is $50K. 

We plan to conclude the campaign on April 15th.

Update - April 5

We decided to close applications after receiving 682 responses. 

Update - April 3

We reached our stretch goal of $25K. 

Created a new goal of $35K. 

Over 125 applications received so far.

The fund was featured in Dallas News.

Hosted a virtual celebration featuring Immortal Technique!

Update - April 2

We reached our initial goal of $15K in ~24 hours! 💥

Created a new goal of $25K. 

Update - April 1

Launched campaign with an initial goal of $15K. 

Reached $5K within a few hours.


Nobody left behind! Support our undocumented community members who are left out of the formal economy and the trillion-dollar stimulus plan.

Undocumented individuals are not able to access unemployment benefits, Medicare, federal social services and resources/services from many federally funded organizations and programs. This leaves our community at risk of being left without the proper resources they need to survive. And in the midst of this pandemic, everyone needs to be safe for all of us to be safe.

The money you donate to this fund will provide immediate financial support for undocumented families, and enable them to stay home and healthy — protecting themselves, their families and their communities while slowing the spread of the coronavirus

🌮Techqueria is a national 501c3 nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech in the US. Our mission is to provide Latinx professionals with the resources and support that they need to thrive and become leaders in the tech industry.

🤝Techqueria partnered up with Dreamers in TechLatinas in TechCode Nation, Kapor Centerand NYSYLC to help amplify this fund across all platforms.

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Thank you to all the volunteers from Techqueria and other communities who have helped make this fund a success.

Andrea Flores, Brian Trejo, Carolina Castro, David Silva, Dulce Villarreal, Edward Barrios, Esteban Uribe, Felipe Ventura, Frances Coronel, Francisco Cruz-Mendoza, Lili Gangas, Pablo Carbajal, Shashi Jain, Susie Ximenez, Tonatiuh Ramos

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