Keep Falling For TeenTix

by TeenTix

WOOOW, where has the time gone? Fall is here and we’re so excited to CELEBRATE with you. We have felt overjoyed with all the love TeenTix has gotten. We’ve been here for teens in new ways by facilitating workshops focusing on BIPoC artists (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), continuing to amplify teen voices through a podcast series, online art reviews, and teen-lead conversations with arts leaders. 

With all the changes this year, we have taken this opportunity to officially move our annual celebration to the spring, which will help ensure TeenTix’s financial security each fiscal year moving forward. We can’t wait to be able to party it up with you in Spring 2021.

We need your support to make sure we can keep doing what we do best and teens keep FALLing for TeenTix! Donate here and say YES to art access for youth. 

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