2nd Annual Swim-A-Thon

by Teton Valley Aquatics


Raising money to give kids the life enriching and life saving gift of swimming. 


To spread awareness and raise money to support water safety education and learn-to-swim programs for children in Teton Valley, Idaho. 


Give directly to our campaign, create your own fundraising page or support a Swim-A-Thon athlete's fundraising campaign.  Join us on the Swim-A-Thon event day and swim as many laps as you can in 30 minutes.  Raise pledges for the laps you swim! 


Teton School District #401 Learn-To-Swim Winter Sports Program - In one year, we went from giving swim lessons to 37 kids to over 140, at no cost to the child's family. Support Victor, Driggs and Tetonia Elementary School students 2020 program.

Community Learn-To-Swim - The first learn to swim program for our community, in our community. This programs mission is to serve children who are non-swimmers and face barriers in accessing other programs. In Fall 2019, we are serving 75 children. Our goal is to double in 2020.

Josh the Otter Water Safety Program - Josh the Otter empowers pre-k and kindergarten students with important water safety knowledge: always swim with an adult and a buddy, and learn to float. Josh visited almost every pre-k and kindergarten classroom in Teton County, Idaho last year serving over 300 kids. Help us get Josh the Otter in more classrooms in 2020!

Your Next Steps:

 - Create your own fundraising page and share why this campaign is meaningful to you. 

 - Encourage your community to pledge to donate a certain amount of money for each lap you swim or donate a one-time gift.

Here's how pledging works:

- Say 5 friends promise to donate $2 for each lap you swim. Awesome! 
- You absolutely crush your swim at event day and swim 50 laps! Yahoo! 
- Each friend then donates $100 to your fundraising campaign. You raised $500! High five!

Sign up to swim on Swim-A-Thon Event Day here!

Your involvement is critical to our success in removing barriers to accessing the life skill of swimming and empowering our community to live healthy and radiant lives through the power of water. Thank you so much for your support!

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