Help Our Children/Youth NOW with the BE-HOPE App!

by Texan-French Alliance for the Arts / Be the Peace - Be the Hope

To Our Valued Community,

Thousands of Greater Houston youth/children need our support

The Greater Houston area has over 500,000 students many of whom lack social and emotional support and are at risk, underserved, and are often overlooked by the community’s strained resources.

Please join our team of non-profits and professionals that includes Rotary, Be the Peace -Be the Hope, Lovescaping, The Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium, the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, and many others* who will bring immediate HELP to our struggling youth during these pandemic stress-filled times.

Our solution: The Be-Hope mobile phone software APP

With your support educators, students and their families will now have easy access to 24/7 self-help therapeutic and community tools. With just a phone, the Be-Hope App can provide comfort, knowledge, and a way to bounce back for those that are struggling with anxiety, stress, self-control, relationships, time management, self-motivation, among others. The results are changed and saved lives and more peaceful and stable communities.

For the first time, a holistic solution mobile App is now available

This practical, fun, educational and social software application provides the following key features and benefits:

• 24/7 access

• Bilingual self-help sections designed by students for students and professionals

• Core life skills education

• Sense of community

• Get Involved and Good News sections for positive and healthy connections

Be the Peace Be the Hope, a non-profit initiative supported by The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, is on a mission to equip vulnerable children, youth, and teachers with social and emotional skills and to support them and their families so that they can navigate the world with increased hope and well-being. Be the Peace Be the Hope was a recipient of the Menninger Innovation Grant for Mental Health, ran 280 workshops for Harvey victims, has aided highly traumatized populations in refugee camps and orphanages in Lebanon, Iraq, Burkina Faso (West Africa), and India as well as over 4,000 children in vulnerable situations throughout HISD.

MANY vulnerable children/youth are now FURTHER at risk than before. The long-term impact to not only these children/youth but on the U.S. economy if we don’t fix these problems is great.

With a track record of up to 80% increase in resilience, 60% decrease in anxiety and depression, 50% increase in self-efficacy, and 36% increase in physical and emotional safety, we were asked to provide an immediate solution to empower our vulnerable students and teachers rise above the COVID 19 crisis.

How Can You Help?

Please help us overcome these hurdles with your financial support and provide our vulnerable youth with much-needed social and emotional aid through the BE-HOPE App.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and consideration.

Please contact us here with any questions.

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