Spring Appeal

by Arts of Life

For months Arts of Life has been planning for our 20th anniversary year. The kick-off of our annual Spring appeal is traditionally an excellent opportunity to share stories from our amazing artists that highlight their essential work, but these are unprecedented times. 

As we process the uncertainties and rapidly developing circumstances created by the pandemic, our priorities are clear: 

  1. Keep our artists connected to their practice and each other- by adapting our programs to support the vital work coming from our artists
  2. Keep our exceptional staff employed and insured.  
  3. Keep the broader Arts of Life community connected- Through social media, zoom, and phone calls, we are reinforcing the bonds we have built with fans, followers, and families.

The days ahead will be challenging. As a Community Day Service (CDS) we have been ordered to close through June 30th, and this date could be extended. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused us to suspend our inclusive exhibition programming and community events indefinitely, in addition to canceling two robust Spring fundraising events that further deplete our revenue sources. Each day we are closed to our artists, we lose 16% of our income.

Please help ensure Arts of Life is secure during this crisis because we plan to reopen our doors to our artists the moment we get the “green light”!   

Our Spring appeal must raise at least $115,000 to continue operations through June. This goal is critical, and while this year is unlike any other, we are confident that your generosity remains the same. Although the amount you can give may have had to change from previous years, if everyone contributes what they can, we will make our goal.  

Your level of support will determine the continued success of our mission: “to advance the creative arts community by providing artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities a collective space to expand their practice and strengthen their leadership.”

Please join our appeal. Nothing could help us more.

Thank you and with the deepest appreciation,

Denise Fisher 
Co-Founder, Executive Director
Jeff Boarini
Board President

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This campaign has ended.

Thank you for your support.

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