Connect with Tanzania: Support the future of children in need

by The Baobab Home

The Baobab Home, located on our 12-acre renewable energy farm, has been helping Tanzanian children in need for over 16 years. We currently run four main programs:

Children's Home

The Baobab Home began as an orphanage for babies and a support center for teenage boys who were living on the streets. Over the last 16 years, we've raised 11 amazing children and provided secondary education and college opportunities for dozens of young adults.

Primary School

In 2013 we launched Steven Tito Academy, a primary school that offers high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment. This feels revolutionary since much of Tanzania's education system still practices rote learning and corporal punishment. We currently have 162 students who are getting a world-class education taught in English, and our first graduating class had some of the top test scores in the region. 

HIV Support

We provide a variety of programs for families and children affected by HIV. We've served over 270,000 breakfasts to HIV+ patients during their monthly check-ups. We also have an active group to help children with HIV find the support they need to help them stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Outreach Program

Since the needs of each family and child are unique and varied, we reserve some of our funding for general outreach. We have built houses and created income generation projects for those living in poverty. We have also helped young people get into drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Emergency medical care is often a need of the community as well, and our general outreach program helps us provide money for these health care emergencies.

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