10 x 10 Supports Hungry Monk Rescue Truck

by The Giving Back Fund

Join us in supporting the Hungry Monk Rescue Truck’s mission to feed the hungry and house the homeless in New York City. The Hungry Monk Rescue Truck is an organization that started in 2012 in Ridgewood Queens with the goal of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in their community. The HMRT food pantry was able to provide food for around 300 families before the COVID crisis. Their response to the pandemic increased their reach to 1700 families. The HMRT is hoping to use funds donated through our campaign to maintain their mission and to increase the volume and types of services and resources available to those in need. Additionally, professional services volunteer projects will help provide essential tools for scaling and growing the organization's outreach.

Campaign Dates: August 10-20, 2020

What: Fundraising to help the HMRT grow to further meet the needs of the most in need people of New York City and to be prepared for future crises. Also, we hope to increase awareness of the organization in order to expand the volunteer pool and staff the food pantry and provide necessary professional support to scale up the operation.

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How: True to our mission, we seek to support grassroots charities doing the meaningful work within communities. 10x10 VOLUNTEERS have (remotely) coordinated this fundraising campaign to help the HMRT expand their operations and provide more resources to the most vulnerable members of the community who are facing hardship and homelessness.

Please: Donate right here, your contribution matters and together we can make a powerful difference for the most vulnerable people in our community. Funds will be sent to the Hungry Monk Rescue Truck within three days of the campaign end date - ensuring that vital funds are directed exactly where intended and needed, without delays.

Volunteer: Instead of donating, you may also choose to contribute your time which can be massively beneficial to an organization like the HMRT which is trying to grow. By joining in one of the ways listed below, you can make a sustainable impact!

10x10 Philanthropy is a registered charity operating in service of grassroots charities. A lean team of three part-time staff located at 10x10HQ underpin the work of more than 800 volunteers who have served Project Committees in 15 cities around the world. Our mission to facilitate the powerful movement of passionate young philanthropists as they seek to make the world a better place, delivers both financial and volunteer support to small local charities, non profits, social enterprises and mutual aid organizations. 

To propagate the 10x10 mission, 10% of funds raised are paid forward towards the start-up and delivery of the next 10x10 project, ensuring that the cycle of giving continues and new grassroots organizations performing essential work are identified and supported.

For anything further, reach out to events@10x10philanthropy.com. 

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