Equal Justice - PPE for Prisons

by The Giving Back Fund

There is no ability to social distance in prisons, little to no protective equipment, and inadequate healthcare for inmates and staff. According to the Legal Aid Society, prisons are dangerous superspread

The COVID Foundation has partnered with Never Be Caged, LEAD, and NEXUS Working Group toward Equal Justice to ensure masks get to those in need, with an initial focus on the two hardest hit superspread sites:

  • 14,000 masks have been sent to Rikers (a staff+prison population of about 4,400 people)
  • 8,000 masks have been sent to Kings County (a staff+prison population of about 2,250 people)

About COVID Foundation

The COVID Foundation was launched by Ben Wei, a non-profit founder and tech entrepreneur, born and raised in NYC. Since March 19th of this year, Ben has founded two COVID related organizations that have collectively raised nearly $1,000,000 for PPE relief and have donated 100,000+ pieces of PPE to frontline healthcare workers. 

With a team of 30+ volunteers, the Foundation is 100% volunteer-run and is committed to helping provide PPE to those who need it most. It has thus far donated PPE to NYC homeless shelters, frontline essential workers, nursing homes and 30+ NYC hospitals. 

Ben’s work has been featured in national media outlets including: ABC News, NBC, Forbes, Buzzfeed News, LA Times, and CBS NY.

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