Helping A Hero

by The Giving Back Fund

80 years ago, Mrs. Lyubov Volchek, risked her life to save a little Jewish girl, now she needs our help.

On June 27, 1941, the Germans occupied  the small Belarusian town of Glusk and only 6 months later, on December 12, all the local Jews were ordered to gather in the town square and were marched unknowingly towards mass graves, where they were murdered.

Two days later, 11-year-old Olga Shulman knocked on the Arkhiptsovs’ door after having crawled out from under the dead body of her mother and then hiding in the fields.

Despite the risk of death if caught and extreme financial difficulties, Lyubov’s mother, Arkhiptsova hid the child in a shed in her yard.

Lyubov looked after her and even slept in the hiding place to keep her company. When the Germans conducted house searches for Jews in the area, Olga was forced to hide in a mud hut in the forest and Arkhiptsova and Lyubov  daughter continued to take care of all her needs.

In the summer of 1943, when the Germans’ searches became even more intense, Arkhiptsova decided to send Olga to her sister’s family, who lived in an area where the partisans were active.

Within a week, however, Olga again fled to the forest where she met Olga Belitskaya, a young woman she did not know, resident of one of the villages near Glusk. She hid Olga in her home for about two months, until the searches in Glusk subsided and the danger diminished.

Olga returned to Arkhiptsova’s house and stayed with her family until the liberation of Glussk on July 27, 1944.

Throughout this time, Belitskaya regularly visited the Arkhiptsovs and brought the family food.

After the liberation, Olga found her uncle, who came and took her to Minsk. While living there she maintained a warm relationship with her rescuers and visited them every year.

In the 1990s, Olga Shulman immigrated to the United States.

On January 29, 1998, Yad Vashem recognized Nadezhda Archiptsova, her daughter, Lyubov Volchek, and Olga Slabko (née Belitskaya), as Righteous Among the Nations.

Today Luybov is living in incredibly poor conditions, with no central heating in her home, and not even a toilet on her premises, she does not receive any ongoing support.

We brought her enough food and medication to last for a few months, but she needs more, so with your help and in partnership with the Jewish community of Babruysk, the nearest Jewish community, we will be purchasing her an apartment next to the Synagouge, so she can be properly cared for in her final years, she will be a cherished part of the community and have all she needs.

Help us, help her |

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