Save Our Seniors - PPE for Nursing Home Workers & Residents, a program of the COVID Foundation

by The Giving Back Fund

Right now in New York, nursing homes are experiencing dire shortages of medical supplies for their frontline healthcare workers who are treating COVID-19 patients and protecting the most vulnerable population. They’ve told us that they should have multiple masks a day as they interact with their patients. Right now, they feel lucky to have 1 mask per week.

This fundraiser will go towards procuring NIOSH-approved N95 Respirators and KN95 Respirators from CE-certified factories, and to deliver them directly to NY’s hardest hit nursing homes.

As of 5/27, New York Nursing Homes have a total 6,062 deaths representing 37% of all deaths in New York.Among the 146 nursing homes in NY, 3,000 COVID-19 deaths have been recorded since March. Based on our partner's data, 100 masks will cover a 10 person team for two weeks.

Our initial goal is to help get NYC nursing homes 1 mask per person per shift for the next two weeks (146 homes x 100 masks x $5/respirator = $73,000).

We have partnered with the Jewish Federation of North America which represents 22 nursing homes in New York, as well as with Last Mile, which has received over 50+ PPE requests from NYC area nursing homes, to donate PPE using the funds raised. 

About COVID Foundation
The COVID Foundation was launched by Ben Wei, a non-profit founder and tech entrepreneur, born and raised in NYC. With the founding of two COVID related organizations, Ben has collectively raised nearly $1,000,000 and donated 100,000+ pieces of PPE to frontline healthcare workers. The Foundation is 100% volunteer-run and is committed to helping provide PPE to those who need it most. It has thus far donated PPE to NYC homeless shelters, frontline essential workers, nursing homes and 30+ NYC hospitals. 

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