GuildSchoolPAC 2020

by The Guild for Human Services

The Guild School Youth PAC (Parent/Family Advisory Committee) is kicking off 2020 by sponsoring a Staff Appreciation Celebration on March 17. We will recognize and celebrate the many dedicated and caring Guild staff who work with and care for our children everyday.

We need your help recognizing and celebrating the wonderful staff who provide our children with all aspects of their education. Please partner with us and show your support by committing to one of our “growing” donor levels:

$10: Spade - Thank you for providing tools for learning.
$15: Planter – Thank you for planting seeds of growth.
$20: Sapling – Thank you for helping me reach new heights
$25: Sun Flower – You make my days sunny!
$35: Sunshine – You brighten our world!
$50: Forest – Thanks for providing a healthy and strong community
Any amount: Universe – Thank you for being a STAR in our children’s lives

Please support our school by making a donation of any amount that you can (no amount is too small). All donations received will help fund the Staff Appreciation events the PAC is planning.

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