Water for Tharparkar

by The Human Development Foundation

Our mission at the Youth Water Initiative is to connect young students, leaders, and innovators together in an effort to stem the dire condition millions of men, women, and children face in due to a lack of clean water. We focus on raising funds to provide sustainable water solutions to villages in order to give communities access to clean water that they so fundamentally deserve. 

Our first project is in the Tharparkar desert, a region of Sindh, Pakistan. The majority of Tharparkar’s residents don’t have access to clean drinking water. There are no pipelines dug to local villages and most wells that NGOs, villagers, and the government have dug dry up due to a lack of rainfall, or are unsafe for human consumption due to a lack of maintenance. People have to travel six to seven kilometers multiple times a day to gather water, most children spend so much time gathering water that they cannot attend school. With rainfall so low in the desert, it is imperative that they drink any available water, resulting in 40% of all diseases in children to be contracted through contaminated water. Almost all of these diseases are easily curable and preventable with clean water.

With our Water for Tharparkar campaign, we hope to build a solar water pump in the village of Dabho Bheel in order to alleviate this suffering.

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