The Listening: A Room Full of People 2019

by The Listening, Inc.

Since 2013, The Listening has been a part of Lynchburg's creative community. From hosting intimate film screenings to dynamic open mic sessions to launching Central Virginia's first Freedom School site, we're been about the work of engaging, changing and saving lives with the performing arts. We believe art forms like spoken word, dance, rap and more can be used as transformative resources to make an impact in the world around us!

2019 has been our best year yet!

In addition to our other programming, we spent six weeks with local middle school students digging into the world of hope, education and action! In partnership with the Children's Defense Fund, we were able to embark on this empowering journey that helps children fall In love with reading, increasing their self-esteem and generating more positive attitudes towards reading. 

With a year like this, we want to continue making an impact.

We want to provide more opportunities for bold, socially minded artists to step to the mic and reveal their true selves. We want to continue building relationships with our community as we use the performing arts to say and do more. We want to do our part to empower young people to discover the freedom in literature.

This Giving Tuesday, we Invite you to join us as we continue to listen to that 'room full of people'.

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