Brenda Kambakhsh - Dancing With The Survivors

by The Pink Fund


As we enter breast cancer awareness month I reflect on the blessing of being cancer free and healthy. Although I recently had surgery to replace my breast implants due to an intracapsular rupture, it was simply an inconvenience compared to my previous fight with cancer. In 2015, I was honored to dance with other survivors on behalf of The Pink Fund. I have served as a volunteer member of The Pink Funk’s Qualified Recipient Committee for the past eight years and have an inside view of the very worthy recipients, as well as the upright and professional workings of the organization. Through a careful review of applications received, financial assistance is provided only to those who qualify. Thinking about how it must be for people being diagnosed with breast cancer at this very challenging time, I am so grateful for the relief The Pink Fund provides. This year the annual October fundraiser, Dancing with the Survivors, a large expected source of funding, has been derailed. Please join me in supporting The Pink Fund and helping those in the midst of a crisis within a crisis. Thank you!


The Pink Fund provides financial support to help meet basic needs, decrease stress levels, and allow breast cancer patients in active treatment to focus on healing while improving survivorship outcomes. The Pink Fund’s 90-day grant program allows breast cancer patients to meet their critical expenses for housing, transportation, utilities, and insurance. 

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