Stop Hate and Build Inclusion in Local Communities

by Not In Our Town

Stop hate and bullying and build safe, inclusive communities. 

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Right here, right now, and every day, each of us can take action that will enable us to counter the hate that is rising. 

Not In Our Town is there for our communities and schools. We are there for people who are not willing to stand by as hate harms our neighbors. 

In October 2018, Not In Our Town began production on a new feature-length film documenting the powerful actions of the community of Pittsburgh and their courageous stand against hate and anti-Semitism after the Tree of Life Synagogue attack. The film is set for release in 2021.

We're asking you to donate to Not In Our Town so we can continue production on this important new film and community engagement project.

In addition to the Pittsburgh project, your donation makes it possible for NIOT to provide:

  • Coaching and guidance for school leaders and teachers on how to address hate, bullying and intolerance
  • Stop Hate Action Kits, webinars, and podcasts presenting best practices on responding to hate groups and hate crimes for communities, law enforcement and school leaders
  • Free films and guides for community-led dialogue and action planning, including virtual film screenings
  • Presentations and trainings for community leaders on hate prevention
  • Stories, interviews, and social media posts spreading successful actions across the NIOT network

These actions make a difference and create real change. We see it happening every day in the local communities and schools that work with us. 

With your gift, change IS possible. Stop hate together. 

Donate to Not In Our Town.

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Donating by check? Please mail to The Working Group/Not In Our Town, PO Box 70232, Oakland, CA 94612. Questions? Call (510) 268-9675 or email 

Learn more about the Tree of Life film and community engagement project.

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