Holiday Heroes

by Toberman Neighborhood Center

You don’t need us to tell you how challenging this year has been. Through it all, thanks to the support of our wonderful donors, Toberman Neighborhood Center has been able to meet those challenges and increased need of our clients, our neighbors, our community. And with your continued support, we will begin 2021 in a spirit of hope and the knowledge that together we will always prevail.

This is something that Sylvia and her two teenaged sons learned as COVID struck this year. Out of work, evicted from their home, the boys unable to attend to school, Sylvia was almost ready to give up. Almost—but then she was connected to a Toberman case manager who helped the family find temporary housing and introduced the boys to the Toberman Wi-Fi club. With internet access and support from our staff, the boys were able to get back to school. Sylvia found a job and from the depths of despair, Sylvia and her boys had much to smile about.

Earlier this week, one of the boys wrote on the board at the Wi-Fi Club: “Thank you for being our hero, Toberman!” In truth, you are the heroes. Your generosity makes all the difference.

Toberman Neighborhood Center is committed to building healthy, vibrant communities. We address the challenges that prevent families from reaching their fullest potential. In this year of crisis where there is increased need for our services, please consider increasing your gift. Together we can build a brighter future.

By making a gift this year, you can be the hero that brings a happy holiday to our Toberman families. Please give generously and become a Toberman hero.

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