Tools for Hope

by Richmond Community ToolBank

From our first tool order in 2015 to today, we've helped the nonprofit and volunteer sector in Richmond save over $3.2 million through our innovative tool lending program. Over the years hundreds of nonprofits, community groups, organizations of faith, schools, civic associations and neighborhood volunteers have come to rely on the ToolBank to complete hundreds of projects each year that make Richmond safer, healthier, and more vibrant.

By making a donation of any amount today, your dollar is automatically multiplied 33 times thanks to our 3% borrowing fee. Imagine borrowing 33 shovels, drills, mowers or  for the same cost as purchasing just one

Today, your donation means more than ever. The economic and social costs of COVID-19 are  continuing to impact our communities, with small organizations and already-marginalized communities taking the brunt of impact. With your support we‘re able to provide tools & equipment at low to no cost for thousands of volunteers. Together we can do our part to help us all adapt and move forward in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for joining the ToolBank Nation and #buildingchangetogether!

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