Until We're All Free: Trans Lifeline's Holiday Commissary Fundraiser

by Trans Lifeline

We know that none of us are free until all of us are free. Trans liberation means we will not rest until all trans people are able to access the self-determination, ease, and freedom from policing we all deserve. These beliefs are at the core of Trans Lifeline’s holiday commissary and bail fundraiser; we rally our community outside of prison and raise money for our trans siblings who are navigating life inside prison walls - so they know they are not forgotten and are centered in our strategizing for collective liberation. 

As trans people, it is our duty and our legacy to take care of each other as our foremothers did. Our care is so vast, so exacting and necessary that it transcends bars and cages. Join us in supporting our trans family inside and continue the fight for a world without prisons. 

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