2020 End of Year Appeal

by Tri-County Scholarship Fund


Due to the COVID crisis, the demand for scholarships has surged. There are currently more than 1900 children on our waiting list. In 2020 Tri-County provided 720 scholarships to some of the neediest children in NJ. About 200 were emergency COVID related scholarships to those who haven't needed our help in the past. We are proud of the impact we have made. Our students go on to accomplish career and life success, completing college, beginning careers, and ultimately giving back to their communities both financially and as role models for the next generation. 

Can you help us give more children the life changing gift of a safe, quality education?

$2000 funds one year of K-8th grade

$4000 funds one year of High School


In 1981, Tri-County Scholarship Fund was founded with an inspired idea: that it is possible to materially and permanently improve the lives of the poorest of New Jersey’s inner-city children by providing them access to the superior and safer option of values-based private schools.

Low income families seek a quality, values-based education for their children, but they need help to afford the tuition at nearby independent and parochial schools. The schools are already there. The families just need some help with the tuition.

Tri-County provides partial scholarships for students to attend our partner schools. The families make many financial sacrifices to pay the balance. This approach works so well because our donors hold a deep belief in common with the families they help. They believe a high-quality, values-based education will be life changing for the children. And with nearly 40 years of success stories, we can confirm their belief! Donors understand that the only thing preventing these children from achieving their educational goals is their families’ financial circumstances. Donors provide partial scholarship funding, the critically important financial “bridge”, that enables families to afford the remaining tuition. 

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