Breaking Barriers @Mach Speed

by Triple F Empowerment, Inc.

We’ve learned new and different ways to engage our hundreds of students online, and we have the ambitious goal of closing the science education gap that has occurred during COVID-19 for all of our students.

With a generous year-end gift from you, we’ll be able to move at Mach speed to say yes to every student who wants to belong to our virtual, hybrid, or in-person science club.

The times, they are shifting. The way we deliver the program has changed. What hasn’t changed is our mission. We inspire, empower, and encourage young people to pursue education and careers in the STEAM fields.

Won’t you help us continue to create an emotionally safe, warm, and educational environment where students have a sense of belonging, and where we help close the education gap and get students back on track?

Your gift will support students during these shifting times and bring stability in some cases where there is none, through consistent science learning opportunities.

Won’t you move at Mach speed and make your year-end donation today?

Contributions can also be mailed to:

Triple F Empowerment, Inc- 2214 Frederick Douglass Blvd, Suite 296, NY, NY 10026

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