40 & Fabulous!

by Turtle Creek Chorale

The Turtle Creek Chorale is gearing up to celebrate 40 fabulous years of impacting the Dallas Arts Community and audiences all around the world! We have an  amazing season of performances and events planned and we need your support to pull it all off.

Our goal: $40,000 in 40 days — from February 19th (our 39th Birthday!) until March 31st.

Any size of donation is appreciated and you are able to choose a giving level to see the tangible benefit you are making with your respective gift.

Rest assured, we are pulling out all the stops and ask that you make a donation to help us produce this groundbreaking season and position the Turtle Creek Chorale for 40 more years of making music and memories together.

Thank you — we truly cannot do what we do with you!

Turtle Creek Chorale, INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as determined by the IRS; therefore, gifts to Turtle Creek Chorale, INC are tax deductible to the extent as defined by the IRS. This is to certify that no gifts and/or services will be rendered in exchange for your gift. Please consult a tax professional to determine tax deductibility.

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