ROBERT SHETTERLY: An American Who Tells the Truth

by Union of Maine Visual Artists, Inc.

About this campaign

Compelled by the direction of post-9/11 politics, acclaimed artist Robert Shetterly began his one-person campaign to celebrate Americans whose voices — no matter how unsung, muted, or discordant — espouse America’s progressive values.  Nearly 250 portraits later, Shetterly’s crusade, Americans Who Tell the Truth, has become his life’s passion and an urgent reminder that dissenting voices play a valuable role in protecting American rights, liberties, and social justice. In the forthcoming film, Robert Shetterly: An American Who Tells the Truth, award-winning filmmaker Richard Kane (I Know a Man…Ashley Bryan, Imber’s Left Hand,) documents the artist’s quest to inspire individuals of all ages to defend democracy through personal empowerment and action.  You can help tell Shetterly’s story. Visit and click DONATE NOW!   Your contribution will help towards completing the film's production.  Post Production and Distribution will follow.  See more about Shetterly's project at

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