Your donation will help with the distribution of Natasha Mayers: an Un-Still Life

by Union of Maine Visual Artists, Inc.

We’re fundraising for an "activist" Maine distribution campaign to match Natasha’s vision in the film. We imagine distributing the film along with live "art builds," so that the audience can participate in creating art for their favorite cause. We are looking toward three areas for this distribution:

1) Maine Schools: From Mexican murals to civil rights posters, Natasha’s art falls into a long line of historical movements that can be taught through her inspiring example. By having a “hands-on” art component that students can make for a favorite cause, the film will inspire an enhanced authentic learning experience.

2) Progressive Groups and Civic/Church Organizations: These partners can host the film, along with an exhibit of ARRT! banners and an “art-build” for their own purposes or a community group they wish to sponsor.

3) Art Venues: The film and “art builds” will allow galleries and museum audiences to “get active” with art.

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