Help US build the future of psychedelic research.

by Realm of Caring

With your help, we can understand how to use psychedelics safely and effectively.

While psychedelics might be new to many, it's not new to our community. These substances have been used for thousands of years. We are here to help validate the safe practices the community has been using since the beginning.  Supporting our non-profit supports the community that has championed this cause. We intend to provide validated practices back to the community and help inform commonsense policies with the information we collect. 

Your donation will also go towards our studies and innovative valuable storytelling.

Our data-backed storytelling series called The Psychedelic Diaries puts a face with a real, relatable story supported by research to help inform a cautious general public. We see two ways to advance this conversation. Rigorous studies, and relatable storytelling. And we do both of these things well. 

Together, we can change the world! 

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