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Combining our holistic approach with our international network, we implement real-time grant-making with training, knowledge production, and activities. This facilitates women’s leadership, improve safety for women’s and LGBTIQ+ movements while amplifying the voices and experiences of grassroots movements for equality, peace, and justice. Equipped with autonomous models that are designed to consider the requirements of each region, we hope to continue building stronger webs of support for women and transgender rights defenders together, across the world.

We seek to learn and give back to the movement that we were born from. Our model of rapid response grantmaking protects and advances the civil, political, and social rights of women and LGBTI people, and invests in social justice movements including environmental, feminist, anti-corruption, land rights, peace, youth, and LGBTI movements. Among the Urgent Action Funds, we encourage online, mobile, and SMS grant applications to facilitate rapid response grants.

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