by US Vet Connect Inc

Can The Curb makes it safe, easy and convenient for you to support your local food pantry or children's home. 

You can help feed a neighbor in need, even in a pandemic.

We, as Americans, all face a new uncertain reality outside the safety of our homes, sadly the new fears we all face did not erase the growing problem of wide spread hunger across America.

Food bank shelves were bare before the COVID-19 crisis, now donations have all but stopped as the demand has jumped in 400% in some areas.

Our Dream is to see the Can The Curb Food Drive become a national movement, providing much needed food in communities coast to coast.

We are dedicated to supporting this movement by providing complete setup support to any individual or organization wanting to help the cause.

How we support you.

We strive to provide all necessary tools needed for you to run a successful "Can The Curb" food drive in your area, to include: all customized to your area.

  • Set up a facebook event for your area, easy for you to share on social media
  • Provide custom flyers to be posted by your volunteers
  • Provide press releases for public service announcement time on local radio
  • Temporary custom keyword text-to-register setup, Can the Curb will handle all incoming data
  • Advanced mapping software making pickups safe, easy & effective
  • Keep you updated on the number of donations registered
  • Send you a final list of all donations mapped with the best route.
  • Coordinate with local food bank or children's home of your choice or we will work to find a local organization in need.

Thank you in advance for your donation.  All donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Sign up to run a Can the Curb in your area.  

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