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Thank you to all for your outpouring of support for the family of Mr. Mohammad Ilyas Dayee. We are enormously grateful for your generosity during this tragic situation. While this donation portal is now closed so that we can begin the process of transferring the funds, you can still click here to donate to the USAGM Employee Association general fund to support our ability to help journalists who come into harm's way during the course of their work.


Please donate to help the surviving family of Mohammad Ilyas Dayee, an RFE/RL journalist killed in a violent targeted attack.

Mohammad Ilyas Dayee, an Afghan journalist working for RFE/RL, was killed in a targeted bomb attack in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Afghanistan’s southern Helmand Province, on November 12.

Dayee, 33, had worked with RFE/RL since 2008, reporting on all aspects of life in Helmand, including the dangerous security situation and its impact on civilians in his native province, where the Taliban and government forces are in near-constant battle. An intrepid reporter who never backed down from a story, Dayee gave Radio Free Afghanistan, known locally as Radio Azadi, some of its most incisive reports on the drug trade in Helmand, which is the source for most of the world’s illicit opium production.

For Dayee, people were always the most important news, and he wanted their suffering to be known and accounted for. Even when most coverage was focused on Afghan and NATO military action and Taliban attacks, he always sought to bring attention to the human cost paid by his countrymen as they faced life amid conflict and displacement. He also wrote about the cultural heritage of Helmand, and about the bids to preserve it amid rampant insecurity. Dayee wanted the world to hear its many voices and the stories they had to tell and to help preserve their heritage.

Dayee truly loved his people and his homeland and will be deeply missed by all those who knew him, worked with him, or read his reporting.

Dayee is survived by his wife and 1.5-year-old daughter, whom they named Mehrabani, which is Pashto for kindness. He also leaves behind a large extended family, who he helped support.

We are seeking donations to help his surviving family during this difficult time.


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