$5,000 Matching Gift Opportunity

by Village Home Education Resource Center

We are thrilled that one of our alumni family supporters is MATCHING the first $5,000 of gifts that arrive between now and the end of the year! Double the impact of your donation! I hope you will continue your commitment to Village Home by making a generous gift before December 31. Together we can raise $10,000 before the end of 2019.

Village Home is an Oregon 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


At Village Home, we believe there is a better way to do “school”. We know schools aren’t working for so many kids. Dropout rates are high, but more importantly, engagement in the classroom is low, and kids frequently complain that learning isn’t relevant or interesting. As a society, we focus on fixing school with new curriculum, specialized training for teachers, and the latest technologies, but it isn’t working. Why? Because the most important part of the equation -- the LEARNER -- is often overlooked. 

We focus on the LEARNER’S experience in the classroom at Village Home. We have created a place where students WANT to learn and where learning is meaningful. When Village Home closes because of inclement weather, the kids actually complain! For more than 17 years Village Home has emphasized self-directed learning to create a classroom environment where learners actively participate in their own education. 

Families are taking a stand for our shared future, one where young people are empowered to own their learning to change the world, and you can too by contributing the Village Home’s Annual Giving Campaign. Seventeen years and thousands of learners into our journey, we need your help to bring our vision to more families. We are leaders in education reform, successfully providing families a new vision for what learning can be, quietly revolutionizing education by demonstrating that authentic learning DOES happen in a grade-free, mixed-age, choice-based class where learner autonomy is supported. Just this Fall, our Mock Trial team proved that by placing second in the National Empire competition. Our learners do not have piles of homework to do, but they DO come to class to THINK and ENGAGE. 

We rely on your generous gifts to make learning relevant and fun for over 800 kids and counting! Now more than ever we need to strengthen support to continue to revolutionize education. Your gift will give Village Home the boost we need to let more people know we exist to revolutionize learning for our future generations. 

Your support will help provide the learning environment of the future that honors and respects the individual learner. We are deeply grateful for your continued support. Your gift today makes a big difference tomorrow and every day!

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