Guardian Angel Project

by Village of Hope Uganda

Provide Biblically-based training and counseling for guardians of VOH orphans.

During school holidays and breaks, we are required by the government to send our children & youth back to stay with their guardians in their communities for 4 to 8 weeks. Most of these guardians are medically-hindered grandmothers or aunts who suffered trauma of their own during and after the war. During those breaks we were seeing a rise in teen pregnancies, domestic violence and a lack of supervision. As our community counselors talked to these guardians, they realized they were in need of help and healing, too. Hurt people hurt people. The Guardian Angles Project was born out of this need.

Eight community counselors ride motorcyles and walk into the bush for group training meetings with 1,000+ guardians on a regular basis and provide one-on-one counseling as needed. They also intervene and advocate in ways we never expected. During school holidays they also have meetings & training with our kids.

We need your help to fund $30,000 to cover the community counselor salaries, fuel and supplies for this program.

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