Bahama Blessing

by Vision Outreach International Inc.

Vision Outreach International in cooperation with the Christian Ophthalmology Society and the Ash Eye Institute is sending out AN IMMEDIATE CALL for all available Eye Care Professionals to assist in evaluating and helping with eye care needs in the Bahamas. Thousands of individuals are displaced, without their medications or eyeglasses, and living in shelters. Hurricane Dorian was one of the worse disasters in the Bahama's history.

The plan is to screen individuals at the shelters to identify some of the following: (1) Loss of glasses or contacts (2) Eye injury or irritation (3) Those who are diabetic or hypertensive (4)Those over 65 years of age (5) Those with known glaucoma and no medications, and (6)Those with cataracts and no accessibility for care.  The tentative schedule would include screening Monday - Wednesday, and clinic appointments at the Ash Eye Institute on Thursday and Friday. We encourage volunteers to come for one or two weeks. 

Our PRIMARY desire is to show the love of Christ, to maintain the integrity and GOOD NAME of all involved, to be EXCELLENT in their medical eye care, and to improve eye care services for indigent people in the Bahamas.


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