Tom Fisher

by Vision Outreach International Inc.

Tom has been serving with Vision Outreach International since it's inception in 2001. He is the original MacGyver of missions and has set the standard of high-quality technical service abroad. He quickly volunteers to serve others at home and abroad and works hard to make others successful.

Tom does it all. If he is not assisting a surgeon, you can find Tom washing windows, counseling others, laying concrete and doing whatever it takes to improve the mission compound or encourage the full-time missionaries. Tom is a true servant and a blessing to all!

Tom has served on the VOI board, trained other volunteers in medical skills, volunteered as a missionary on multiple trips and continually gives financial support to our organization. Seldom will you here Tom complain about anything.  When there is work to be done, Tom is the first on the job.

We encourage you to consider blessing Tom and his work around the world!


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